The first meeting of the Seniors of Turlock was in June 1957. The first Officers were elected in March 1958. The City of Turlock provided various meeting places for the group. By October of 1957 there were 90 members. In October of 1958 the group began to raise money to build their own meeting place. Turlock Senior Citizens was officially incorporated on January 26, 1962.

In 1968 the Directors and the building committee came up with a plan for the Senior Citizen's Center to be built in Library Square. Architect Jim Shade estimated the cost at about $125,000. The City of Turlock donated the site and brought the ground level up to the grade of the Library grounds, resurface Rose St., landscape the entire East half of the Library Square, maintain the landscaping and the building for the term of the least 20 years, with an option to extend for another 20 years. On February 4th 1969 it was approved by the City Council.

By May 1969 the Seniors, through hard work and donations, had a building fund of $60,000. Land leveling started in March 1970. In April 1971 the dedication ceremony was held with 450 people attending the open house. The membership of the group had grown to 550 members by this time. On May 26, 1972 a flag pole was dedicated

Except for the building inspector, the building was built entirely with the talents of those in the membership.